What Are the Best Haircuts for Medium Hair?

Why are layered cuts so popular? Well, because they have some indisputable advantages. For example, they are perfect for any hair type, including thin and fine. Layers visually have a volumizing effect and create the unique texture of the cut. That is why it is necessary to review this technique. In this article we will focus on top options of medium length layered cut that our gorgeous ladies can choose from. 


The first haircut in our list is a lob. You have always wanted to try something like a bob but did not want to cut the hair? Well, then lob will be a great substitute. It has the same principle as bob but lob is a prolonged medium haircut. The classic technique would be to make several layers. The strands on the back of the head will be shorter with prolonged sides near the face. Another option is to make one angle with short hair on one side. Either way, the lob is a stunning medium cut with layers that will look both stylish and classic. 

Medium Haircut with Gradual Layers

Another classic choice will be a middle length cut with gradual layers. This is a safe choice that a lot of women all around the world choose. The main idea is to make the layers of different length strands gradual and seamless. For example, a lot of ladies do shorter bangs with the rest of the hair gradually becoming longer to the ends. You can also make the so-called ‘arrow’: the bangs are the medium length with the rest of the strands gradually becoming longer starting from the ends. These techniques are universal and will look good on almost everybody.  

Middle Length Haircut with Uneven Layers

This option is a great idea for a layered cut that will look unique and beautiful. The main idea is to make layers uneven throughout the cut. It means that unlike the previous option from our list, this haircut will not have a clear pattern of layers. There is no doubt that this technique is riskier than other ones and will be perfect for young bald girls who are not afraid to experiment. With this option, it is common to use feathers as a styling technique. Despite the fact that this option is not universal, it will give the same advantages as all layered cuts such as adding volume and unique texture. Moreover, it is easier to customize this haircut because each one will have a unique and original pattern. 

To sum everything up, medium length layered haircuts are a popular trend that is worth considering. Not only it is suitable for each hair type and face shape, but it also has numerous advantages like volumizing effect and textured strands. We hope that our list of choices will be helpful and each woman will be able to find something suitable.