The Best Layered Haircut Tutorial

If you want to have an amazing look, a hairstyle with layers can be a solution for you. Several superb techniques allow you to save both the length of the hair and healthy tips. There is a lot of info on the Internet on how to perform this option.

The Advantages of Layers for Long Hair

  • The main reason to choose an option with a graduated length is the possibility to make the curls more voluminous. This is especially important for girls whose hair is naturally thin, straight, and smooth.
  • Oddly enough, but the owners of lush hair choose graduation no less often. It can be difficult to take care of heavy and thick strands, and a multi-level haircut is a great way to preserve both length and volume, but at the same time will let your hair look lighter.
  • There is a variation that also allows focusing on the face. This is a graduation of the front strands’ length.

How to Perform and Style?

Finding the right stylist is like meeting a soul mate. We entrust our hair to the masters of dyes and scissors, and they make us visually taller, thinner or younger.

The style of their work is clean, clear, always detailed, sometimes multi-layered, provocative, daring, elaborated, without incident. With all the innovations and perfectionism that the stylist implements in any of his activities, care, and attention to the people, are important for a real lover of hairdressing.

The technology is simple: the number and length of the shortest “layer” may depend on the volume of the hair and the desired result. Sometimes the difference in length of individual strands is 20–30 cm, in other cases, only the tips are cut in slightly different ways. 

Long strands cut this way are easy to care. Given the eco-trend and natural style, the best option for each day is simply to dry the hair naturally. In any case, with the help of a round brush, it will be enough to curl the ends a little.

Another option: use a diffuser for a hairdryer. Thus, the hair can be given a very noticeable volume. But it is better not to use a straightener – it doesn’t fit too well with such type of haircut, because it immediately makes the locks dry.

If you want to impress your special one, make long light curls. The movement of many small strands creates a play of light. And for real 3D volume, you can also make a light combing up.