The Trend of the Year – Pixie Haircut

There is no surprise that among all short layered haircuts pixie has become the most popular one. Even though it might seem risky and bald from the first sight, we will prove that it can actually look very elegant and stylish on different women. In today’s article, we will review pixie and suggest some hairstyling techniques for it to look beautiful. 

First of all, let’s define the layered pixie. It is an extremely short haircut with strands of different lengths and patterns. The reason the definition is so generic is that there are dozens of pixie variants to choose from. We will review the main ones and recommend hairstyling options as well. 

One of the most popular options is angled pixie with textured layers. Sound complex, but it is quite easy to understand. The main idea is that the hair and the back of the head and on one side is short, while the other side has prolonged strands similar to a bang. This technique is universal and will look good on women of different ages. As for the hairstyle, we would suggest making the short hair feathered with the longer strands shiny and smooth. It looks rebellious and elegant at the same time. 

Another option for a layered pixie is an even-sided cut with a classic short bang. This option looks very sophisticated, especially on mature women. This technique is based on making the sides even and shorts while keeping a layered classic bang on the forehead. For this option, you do have to mind the face shape as it will be completely exposed. Nevertheless, the experience of such famous women as Emma Watson, Kate Hudson, and Lilly Collins shows that it is more than possible to make it sexy and feminine. As for the styling technique, it is best to go with simple feathered strands to keep the volume and avoid flatness. 

Last, but not least option on our list is a layered brushed-back pixie. Well, this one is an absolute favorite choice for celebrities rocking the red carpet. The main principle is to make the hair on the back seamlessly layered but very short, while the side and front strands are brushed back. This is the most elegant and classic pixie variant in general. Although it requires constant styling, the process is very easy and quick. You simply brush the hair back and fixate it with a gel. 

By considering everything, a well-chosen layered pixie haircut in pair with successful styling is not a risky option. We guarantee that if you take the process seriously and spend some time on finding the perfect pixie variant just for you, you will not be disappointed.